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Why You Must Dialogue With Spirits

Whenever a man visits dibia-afa, he has gone to have a dialogue with the medium, not necessarily to receive a command without question.

The afa is always open for dialogue. Always.

If the Afa pronounces that you should offer a goat and for some reasons you do not or cannot do that, respectfully ask, “Would it be okay if I offer two fowls?” Always make it Yes or No question, because the Afa can talk forever if you allow him or her .

If Afa demands that you should slaughter an animal and you feel uncomfortable with this, suggest alternative and the strings will answer you. “What if I dedicate the animal and leave it to roam free?”

My point is, discover your right to dialogue with the Afa. A patient Dibia-Afa might help you frame your questions properly.

In Igba-Afa, there is no such thing as “thus says the lord and it’s final”. No, we are not slaves; we are the lords of the land, we do not serve the Afa, the Afa serves us.

Igba-Afa is a dialogue with the forces. Always prepare for this conversation. Remember, our ancestors say: “Anagba Afa, anagba uche”. (While we confer with the Afa, we do not take leave of our senses).

Oziọma Ọdịnanị writes about Igbo cultures and traditions; bring good news from his Ancestors.


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