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When Nigerian Politicians Market With Propaganda

By Odimegwu Onwumere

Nigerian political terrain is taking a new dimension with propaganda and lies being hyped by politicians as February elections are on the way.

The purpose for this is to lure electorate to vote their candidates.

There were incidences where one political party cajoled the other for the rationale of marketing their party to the masses and vis-à-vis.

Whereas in marketing, marketers use authentic proof to convince their prospective buyers, this is not the case with politicians.

Politicians advertise their political parties/candidates with the sole aim of selling their idea to the people which invariable is not what is on their mind.

Their type of propaganda is misleading. What is known as political propaganda in the civilised climes is not obtainable in Nigerian politics.

In the civilised world, propaganda is not a blackmail campaign to misinform the electorates. Propaganda is formed through psychology to woo the emotions of the people. And this is done by the use of descriptions, catchphrase and rarely, use of discriminatory statements.

Sadly, the objectivity politicians use propaganda in Nigeria is to hide truth from the governed. The irony is that politicians succeed in this even when a large proportion of the media is not owned by them. Even where few of them own some media houses, they are not solely for the purpose of politics. It calls for sober reflection how they succeed to sell their propaganda.

It is invariably disappointing that politicians use propaganda but can’t sieve rumours from it. Hence, they create negative impression about themselves. They forgot that this is democracy where people were expected to be civil. They rather operate like soldiers in the war-front who use propaganda to invigorate hope in the combatants against their rival.

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Since they say that anything in war is fair and just, soldiers can raise flags branding their enemies as children killers or heinous things that are against rule of war. This shouldn’t be of democrats!

This concept of soldiers in the war-front is without a doubt what Nigerian politicians have been towing; behaving like drug galvanized soldiers in war.

Without a doubt, politicians, corporations, non-profits in civilised countries use something very close to propaganda to market their aim, different from the blatant lies that deafen ears that emanate from Nigerian politicians.

It is therefore time that these politicians stopped using propaganda because Nigerians are wiser today. They should understand that derogatory name-calling used in the politics here, instead it would spur the electorates, it brings negative consequences on politicians.

(c) Odimegwu Onwumere; Jan. 12 2019. Email: apoet_25@yahoo.com


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