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We Are Taking Back A Failed State From Okorocha Come 2019 — Ohakim

In 2007, I met a working vehicle left behind by Chief Achike Udenwa and it was easy for me to learn how to drive. Chief Achike Udenwa, a great son of Imo State and a well respected son of Orlu who can never be stoned in Imo State rather praised and idolized, handed a State which had good roads and working infrastructure with a robust economy and a working civil service to me. In 2011, I handed over a state with over N26billion in her coffers, good roads, a very vibrant economy and a sound civil service because Chief Achike Udenwa laid a good framework to build on. What are we taking back from Okorocha in 2019? No good roads, a strangulated economy, a demoralized and starved civil service and failed infrastructure with no single running pipe borne water unlike when we left just a few years ago.

Okorocha and Ohakim

In 2019 Okorocha is leaving behind a broken down vehicle and to get her working again requires an experienced mechanic to get it back on it’s wheels.

Everybody jostling to become the governor of Imo State is qualified and in better times can all perform but we are not in better times are we? We are in the lowest times ever in this state’s history where two square meals is now a problem for the common man let alone three. The other day I was accosted by a pensioner whose daughter is in a nursing school and he could not afford the school fees because he hadn’t been paid his pension in years. Had I not come to his rescue, his daughter would have been kicked out of the school.

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We need to get things right and to get the job done isn’t for everybody. Ask yourself, how many of them have managed a functioning state before let alone understand where to start managing a rundown state and get it back on track. How many have even managed anything that has to do with large number of people with different ideas and views? That’s where experience comes into play and that is where Ohakim comes in. I know what is what and what is where and remain the only person to return Imo on that path to development and restore every property of the state and her people stolen by anybody.

Let’s join hands and get Imo State back on track. Let’s return Imo to the path of equity, justice and fairness.

Dr. Ikedi Ohakim is a former Governor of Imo State.

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