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Three Basic Steps To Practice Igbo Spirituality

written by Oziọma Ọdịnanị

Some persons have asked me how they can practise Ọdịnanị. My answer is that Ọdịnanị is a way of life with little variations here and there,from community to community, from one individual to another, you must follow your spirit and discover what works for you.

However, these three simple steps have been helpful for beginners many of whom are city dwellers.

1. #Igo_mmuo: First Acknowledge and praise Chukwu Abiama who is the highest of all mmuo. Acknowledge Ani, mother earth and guiding spirit of Igboland. Acknowlege your ancestors. If there are paternal or maternal ancestors whose names you know, call them by their names. If you have other personal dieties, acknowledge them.

2. #Jide_Ogu_na_Ofo: It’s also called “Iji ọfọ”. Here you declare your clear conscience and clean hands towards your fellow man, you speak words of fairness, equity and justice. Because he who comes to equity must come clean. Egbe bere, ugo bere.

3. #Ị_gọ_Ọfọ : This I am told is also called “Ita ọnụ atụ ” Here, you make #decrees, speak with power into your life, address the situations confronting you,there is no place for beggarly words here. In doing this, like in the first two stages, words of wisdom or proverbs passed down by our fathers in their fine poetry and double edge metaphors are very useful. But there is nothing wrong if you speak plainly though; but it’s better to speak in elevated tongue, quoting the words of your ancestors in their original forms, they move spirits. The intent of your commands and decrees is determined by your desire, thus, we have ọfọ ndụ and ọfọ ọnwụ.

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Although these simple steps in Odinani can be achieved by #SpokenWords, there are important “sacramentals” or holy objects which are essential in the process. They are as follows:

a. Kolanut:

b. Hot drink or palmwine

C. Nzu

d. Mmiri (especially in the morning for washing hands)

e. Ose ọji (aligator pepper)

But remember, Ọdịnanị is easily personalized ,it does not seek to cage your spirit into a permanent routine, so with time, you will find what works for you. However, whatever you do, Jidekwa Ogu na Ọfọ .

My name is Ọdịnanị Oziọma; I bring you #goodnews from our ancestors.


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