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The Importance Of Self-Discipline In Everybody’s Journey

Dr. Rachna Pande 

Sex education in schools is a popular topic for past decade or so, world over and there are many people for or against it.

Self Discipline

This is a debatable issue with people having strong views in favor and against it.

The opinion of people on sex is based on their cultural background, religious beliefs and life experience.

It is important to protect the younger generation from hazards of unprotected sex like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C, unwanted pregnancies and hazardous abortions. Different strategies are sought for it including providing condoms in schools.

Along with sex education,  it is important to teach the importance of self discipline to  students. Elders should set an example of observing self discipline in day to day behavior so that the youngsters emulate them.

Self discipline means discipline over self, i.e. control over one’s desires and impulses. It is very important for a person’s overall health and well being.

It  involves discipline over mind and body functions. A person may be fond of good rich food. He knows the adverse effects of consuming fats in excess amounts. He also knows from experience that overeating leads to abdominal discomfort.

Against this backdrop, people continue to consume alcohol and smoke, in spite of knowing its hazards and even while becoming sick. This again happens due to lack of self discipline.

Same principle applies to unprotected sex. The social and health related risks of unprotected sex and sex with multiple partners are known to all grown up men and women.  To discourage this unhealthy practice, many social and religious taboos have been put on extra marital sex in all societies of the world.

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But still, many men and women indulge in sex outside marriage. When  grownups  lack the necessary restraint, it is difficult for adolescents and teenagers to refrain from experimenting with sex.

Another area needing self discipline is the speech of a person. All the people know what to say, but few know what not to say. It is self discipline over speech that prevents them from saying petty and spiteful things to others. They also refrain from unnecessary gossip. These kinds of persons help in maintaining peace and harmony in both places, i.e. at home and at work.

Teenagers are at an impressionable age of their lives. They get carried away easily by somebody talking big. They are gullible to fall in the trap of temptations of the world. Moreover when they watch their elders indulging in such type of behavior, they consider it as accepted behavior.

Teenagers are mostly ignorant about the harmful effects of lack of self discipline. They do not know that eating the wrong kind of food or eating only for the sake of taste will deprive them of necessary nutrition and make the body unhealthy. Regarding sex, they have much curiosity and temptation to do it.

But many do not know the risks they expose themselves to, for few minutes of physical pleasure.

Same is the issue with abusive substances. They feel tempted to smoke, drink alcohol due to multiple reasons like showing off that they are grown up, they are courageous, e.t.c., so many reasons. But at large they are unaware about the harmful long term effects of these substances on the body. When they see others around using these substances, they do not consider it as bad and copy them.

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Learning to speak the right things in the right way and avoiding saying unpleasant things is an integral part of improving one’s personality. Hence, children should be taught about it from an early age.

Once adolescents and teenagers understand the importance of self discipline and practice it in their lives, they will surely stay away from the harmful temptations of the world and grow as healthy responsible citizens.

Dr. Rachna Pande   

E-mail: rachna212002@yahoo.co.uk

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