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Thank You, Ndi Isiala Mbano Nwem — Sir Duke

My great and wonderful people of Isiala Mbano,

Chukwuka Agwunobi

I want to formally inform you, my fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, that I your son and servant-leader, Chukwuka Agwunobi( Sir Duke) has been elected the flagbearer of the PDP for Isiala Mbano state constituency. By my emergence my party has given me her powerful mandate for the 2019 election.

Human words can’t be enough to express how I feel. Let me just say I feel so humbled by your overwhelming support, prayers, encouragement and good will.

You loudly proved your words that you would support me, your son, Chukwuka Agwunobi( Sir Duke) to secure the mandate of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party, as a gateway towards recovering the Isiala Mbano Mandate. I feel so proud to be a son of Isiala Mbano.

First let me thank you my wonderful people of Isiala Mbano who are members of our great party, the PDP, especially our wonderful and great leaders, the powerful party delegates and other critical actors whose supportive and influential roles, guidance, encouragement and votes were key to my emergence as the flagbearer of the Peoples Democratic Party for the Isiala Mbano state constituency. There is nothing I will say that will exactly capture the depth of my gratitude to you. I remain indebted. Thank you, thank you, and God bless you all.

Considering the horse-trading and intrigues that took place within the last moments of the primary election, you used your vote to prove to the world that you cannot trade the confidence you have in my candidature for mere cash. You demonstrated that you prize the future of our people over your individual interests.

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Our party’s mandate is without doubt the most prized mandate as we head to the 2019 elections because we are better positioned and most accepted by the people to form the next government. My promise to you, our party men and women is that I will stake everything to protect the mandate you gave me. 2019 is for us.

On a very special note, let me thank my three wonderful brothers, Mr. Okey Iwuagwu, Dr. Odinaka Ugwukwu and Arch. Dozie Iwuoha, who contested this party ticket with me. I don’t know how to describe your spirits of brotherhood and sportsmanship. You fought like great men, staked everything, yet you accepted the outcome and my emergence in good faith and extended your hands of fellowship to offer your support for our collective victory come 2019. I won’t let you down.

Also, I want to sincerely thank a few critical stakeholders of the Isiala Mbano leadership circle especially the clergy for their prayers, encouragement and support. You stood in the gap to see this victory delivered.

My deep appreciation goes to our royal fathers whose royal blessing and public endorsements gave my candidature a boost. On this note I thank HRH. Eze Edmund Umunnakwe Agim, Eze Udo IV of Osuama ancient kingdom and our other royal fathers.

My solemn promise is that I won’t betray this confidence. Since you chose to demonstrate your trust in my capacity to deliver the new Isiala Mbano dream, I have chosen to demonstrate that you made no mistake in standing behind me when you finally send me to the hallowed chambers of the Imo House of Assembly.

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I want to reiterate my assurance to you once again; my singular focus and determination is to put Isiala Mbano on the golden page of frontline constituencies in Imo state. By the special grace of God I have garnered some degree of capacity and experience to engineer a new dawn for our people.

The Isiala Mbano Mandate is the most powerful tool with which we can shake the foundation of the challenge of underdevelopment and make Isiala Mbano great again. Now that we have secured the PDP mandate, our next goal is to secure the powerful Isiala Mbano Mandate.

The Isiala Mbano Mandate is a powerful tool, but it is only powerful when it is in the hands of the capable hand who has the needed goodwill to stand in the gap for Isiala Mbano on the table of negotiation. I am confident you will stand behind me to secure this last key.

Once again, I want to celebrate you, my wonderful people of Isiala Mbano. This victory is your victory, and you won’t regret the decision you just made. May God continue to reward you abundantly.

I am your son and servant-leader, Chukwuka Agwunobi (Sir Duke)
PDP flagbearer for Isiala Mbano State Constituency.

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