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Senseless Article By Okorocha’s Media Aide – Ik Ogbonna

I read with utter consternation and shock the rejoinder by Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo to my article, SENATOR IFEANYI ARARAUME FAMILY; THE IDEAL FIRST FAMILY IMO DESERVES.

Okorocha and Araraume

My shock and consternation arose from the fact that my article never mentioned the current and outgoing Imo First Family of Chief Ethelbert Anayochukwu Okorocha nor did I mention Mr. Samuel Onwuemeodo. In his overzealous and classical meddlesomeness, Sam jumped into the arena or was railroaded into writing a rejoinder by people with inferiority complex. I will join him on the dance floor like he desires but note that I was invited by Sam and not doing so on my own volition.

First, I wish to thank Sam for the free publicity he gave my article including the reprint. Sam has a wrong impression that he wrote a great piece and must be fooling himself that I will not join issues with him.

The CPS brags and prides himself as “the best and most lucky CPS” in Nigeria but can easily win the award of the “WORST & MOST INCOMPETENT CPS” in Nigeria and beyond and the “TRADUCER-IN-CHIEF” of his master. He referred to me as “one Ik Ogbonna”. The same Ik Ogbonna that worked with him for three years as Principal Officer and later Special Assistant to Governor Ethelbert Anayochukwu Okorocha until May 30th 2017. Onwuemeodo does not know or realize that you only refer to someone as “one” when “used in naming a person otherwise unknown or undescribed (dictionary.com). Crass illiteracy and gross ignorance.

He seems to be terribly troubled that I referred to The Araraume family as IDEAL and requested for PROOF. In his naivety, he never realized that I didn’t say, Araraume Family is the ONLY IDEAL FAMILY IN IMO STATE. What PROOF do I need to advance then? The burden is on Sam Onwuemeodo to project his master’s family as IDEAL if there is need for that as the two families are not in contest and moreover, Okorocha will leave office as governor in 2019 while Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Araraume is working and relying on God almighty to succeed Okorocha. I bet there isn’t any contention here but trust Sam, he must show himself. Let me make bold to say once again that the Senator Ifeanyi Araraume’s family is an ideal first family Imo deserves. A family where the parents and children have a minimum of a master’s degree, a family with a verifiable means of income, known businesses with addresses and not brief case contractor engaging in all sorts of known and unknown deals to survive including OBT, and the rest. A family with children engaged in private meaningful enterprise some breaking new frontiers others building on the family legacy. A family that has touched and is touching lives quietly without megaphone. A true Christian family not Pharisees who use the name of the Lord in vain to hoodwink and pool wool over people’s eyes. A family that doesn’t pretend to be BORN AGAIN unlike some insatiable and gluttonous families in power, craving for material acquisition and cornering peoples sweat, hoodwinking people by preaching, singing and dancing like hypocrites. A family that is well-off without public funds and abuse of office including forceful acquisition of lands and property of others.

Mr Onwuemeodo senselessly went on to make comparison with his master, saying “Rochas also has LLM of the University of Jos… ”Rochas wife is a Doctorate Degree holder”. Well Sam Onwuemeodo, there is a difference between degrees obtained through EVENING or CORRESPONDENCE programs or outright purchase of degree by people without course mates. I will leave it at that but add again that, it is against all norms for a Visitor or his better half to obtain a degree in the same institution.

The CPS to the outgoing governor of Imo State seems pained that he in his own words, “attended village schools” and to assuage his inferiority complex and Lilliputian achievements, he derides others with better academic credentials than him or his pay masters.

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The Publisher of the whitewashed, sorry, White Paper Newspaper shamelessly asserts that “the author is from Abia state”. Of what relevance is that to the article in question? This shows his clannish, parochial, NSHIKO and MKPUMKPU mentality. I am a proud son of Umuahia in Abia state and have lived and paid taxes here in Imo state for over 30 years and my ascendancy in life in Imo and elsewhere cannot be torpedoed by Sam or his “Lord”.

In his shamelessness, Sam posits that ”there is no point allowing INEC to disturb our peace again with election. What we should do now is to ask families in the state to supply their dossiers at the end of every four years, for selection”. Well and good, Mr. Onwuemeodo doesn’t know or appreciate the fact that people will no longer be hoodwinked by ‘Pentecostal Oratory’ again but will examine the life style and family of political gladiators, this prospect terrifies Sam. Come to think of it, is it not the same Sam who also serves as CPS to the Chief of Staff and in-law to the governor that reports daily, the purchased and or coerced ENDORSEMENT of their preferred AGBURU aspirant?

Now let us examine the failure of Sam as Chief Press Secretary of his boss.

Sam Onwuemeodo foolishly engaged Chief Femi Fani Kayode in a war of words and got his bile, FFK said things about his principal too dirty to be mentioned here. He came out humbled and humiliated. He has had war of words with the following journalists in the state and also came out disgraced, Henry Ekpe, Amby Uneze, Chidi Nkwopara, Precious Nwadike, Kennedy Enwuama etc.

Sam Onwuemeodo referred to the Anambra state governor as a drunk in a press release captioned, GOVERNOR WILLIE OBIANO IS NOT THE ONE TALKING BUT S.O (sic) and went further to describe the governor as “a motor park personality”. What a caption for a press release and show of shame. He has waged senseless wars against ex governor Ikedi Ohakim, Hon Emeka Ihedioha, Eze Cletus Ilomuayanya etc

Sam Onwuemeodo in a response to Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma, the highly outspoken Anglican Bishop of Enugu, accused the Bishop of being a politician for criticizing his boss: “ACCUSATION AGAINST OKOROCHA, WE APPEAL TO BISHOP CHUKWUMA TO STOP TALKING AS A CARD-CARRYING MEMBER OF A POLITICAL PARTY (21/12/2017). He DOMESTICATED his lack of respect and reverence for men of God when he reportedly called our own revered Archbishop AJV Obinna “an APGA MEMBER” in his press release, WE RESPECT ARCBISHOP OBINNA BUT HE CANNOT INSTALL AN APGA GOVERNOR (29/03/19) resulting in some AGBURU youths assaulting the prelate recently?

Only Sam Onwuemeodo will quote his boss uttering the words as follows: “WHY WE CAN’T HANDOVER TO YOUNG PEOPLE (27/12/2016); “What will Uche Nwosu do for me? Since he married my daughter he has only bought two shoes for me. One pair does not even enter my legs” he quoted his boss in a press release titled EHIME MBANO LGA PEOPLE HAVE NOT FAILED ME – GOV. ROCHAS OKOROCHA of 28/02/19. Again in another press release captioned,

IF UCHE NWOSU COMES OUT FOR GOVERNOR, I WILL SUPPORT HIM, of 12/02/2019, Sam quoted his boss thus:

“The governor stated that although the Chief of Staff has not told him that he wants to run for the governorship of the State, but if he comes out he would support him, adding that he has known Uche Nwosu over the years but does not know his parents…”

Only Sam as CPS will write an article maligning his boss and number 2 citizen of the state, referring to him as lacking in “political value” (17/02/2018). Sam is the only CPS in the history of the state that issues threats to journalists and has never gone on a facility visit to any media house within the state. Sam is the only CPS that will craft a press release with a childish and kindergarten caption, IMO GOVERNOR DECLARES TOTAL WAR ON TAKERS (sic) & SELLERS OF ILLICIT DRUGS (28/01/2018). He is the only CPS that runs his private establishment while remaining on government payroll and writes articles weekly.

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The only CPS that was reportedly caught with ballot boxes and beaten black and blue by soldiers the video of which went viral.

The only CPS that issues three different press releases on a single story, same day.

The only CPS that writes articles in the name of PRESS RELEASE. The only CPS that quotes his principals’ gaffe. The only CPS at war with his colleagues resulting to collateral damage to his principal through unwarranted attacks. The only CPS that RESTRICTED his colleagues in Vanguard and Thisday Newspapers (22/9/17) from State House press corps. The only CPS that allegedly impregnated his staff and married her. The only CPS that brought division in NUJ and INPA. Sadly and most heart rending, the only CPS not on social media.

List Of Imo Based Journalist Sam Has Had Unnecessary & Ill-Informed Battles With & Was Humiliated
Hon. Kennedy Enweama (Press Secretary to Imo Speaker between 2003 and 2007); Sir Kelechi Mejuobi (Press Secretary to Imo Speaker between 2007 and 2011); Hon. Henry Ekpe (Press Secretary to Imo Governor between 2009 and 2011); Sir Bright Nwelue (Press Secretary to Imo Governor between 2003 and 2007); Barrister Emperor Iwualla (Press Secretary to Imo Deputy Governor between 2007 and 2011); Hon. Ikenna Onuoha (Press Secretary to Secretary to the State Government (SSG) between 2015 and 2016); Hon. Ebere Uzoukwa (Press Secretary to Imo Governor between 2012 and 2013); Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha (Press Secretary to Imo Speaker between 2011 and 2013); Amby Uneze of Thisday Newspaper, Chief Chidi Nkwopara of Vanguard and now, Mr. Ik Ogbonna, Media Adviser to Senator Ifeanyi Araraume and so on.

Opinion Of Some Journalists’ On Sam Onwuemeodo

Mr Henry Ekpe in his article, ROCHAS: ‘WITH LOVE FROM TURKEY’ exposed Sam’s penchant for threatening his colleagues. In his words:

“Some time ago, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, whom I usually call “Uncle” Sam Onwuemeodo, sent me this text message “I don’t look 4 trouble. U people have continued to scratch me for no just reason. And any day u guys push me to react nobody should blame me. I have not complained of all u hv bn writing abt d Governor but to scratch me wd be responded and by the time we end d story will be interesting”.

Amby Uneze – A Court Jester & Inept
In two articles titled, Okorocha’s CPS, Dancing In the Market Place and Gov. Rochas Okorocha and the Prize of Hiring a Jester as CPS, Mr Amby Uneze took Sam to the cleaners:

“Madness is in many forms and types and that is why ‘when you appoint a madman as a bus conductor, he waves all the time without minding if passengers are available or not’, that is really the case of Sam Onwuemeodo, the chief press secretary to the Imo State governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha” he further posited that:

“The present Chief Press Secretary to Governor Rochas Okorocha, Sam Onwuemeodo is indeed an apology to the media profession. He is everything a chief press secretary to an office of an executive governor of a state should not be… Onwuemeodo is doing a disservice to his boss. A press secretary who knows his responsibilities should carry all journalists along irrespective of any bias a journalist may have against the government he serves. It is also the duty of a press secretary to nip in the bud any perceived negative story against his boss even before such report hits the news stand”

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McLord Obioha – The Worst CPS Any Governor Can Have
“As if to worsen his already battered image in the media cum public, the governor appointed a full time newspaper publisher as his Chief Press Secretary, CPS.

His CPS, Sam Onwuemeodo, who doubles as his CPS job with his newspaper publication, could easily win an award as the worst Press Secretary any governor could have. Not only that he hardly knows the job of selling the governor to the press, he is as controversial as the man he serves. Diminutive, short and truculent, he makes up for what he lost in height and weight with his unnecessary airs and graces, can and fopperies, arrogance and pomposity all mixed together.

He has not seen a controversy that he did not relish. Instead of building bridges and good relationship with his colleagues, he shortchanges them. Expectedly, he has stepped on many toes. He is currently facing a libel suit filed by a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. He hardly gets along with the media and avoids the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ Press Centre, like a plague. Unlike his predecessors, his idea of press secretaryship is to churn out press releases
rather than have a press conference with journalists”

Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha – He Has Failed As Gov Okorocha’s CPS
In his article, SAM ONWUEMEODO’S GARMENT OF MANY TROUBLES, Iwuoha said: “When our behavior or actions goes contrary to the normal curve of life, crisis brews. And when crisis brews, trouble manifests itself. When you are not mentally prepared to grapple with the trouble or troubles, you get swallowed up. This is the current predicament with Sam Onwuemeodo. Let me at this point state clearly that a Government appointee or political leader is not supposed to engage himself or herself in unnecessary warfare, more especially if he is incapable of winning the battle.”

He left Sam with the following parting shots:

“I have gone this whole length to explain practically the role of a media aide in any Organization or government. With no intent to insult Mr. Sam Onwuemeodo, I want the public to know that he has failed as Governor Okorocha’s Chief Press Secretary. From the day he was appointed as the Governor’s Press Secretary in 2013 to this moment he has not done anything (any public relations stunt) that attracted sympathy for Governor Rochas Okorocha or the state government. Rather, he has always been on war path with his perceived enemies. If he is not fighting the state Chairman of the Governor’s party (APC), Dr. Hilary Eke, then he is fighting fellow Government House Political Appointees. Sam Onwuemeodo is fighting Imo Civil Servants, Imo State branch of Nigerian Bar Association, Imo State Branch of Nigerian Union of Teachers, Imo State Branch of Nigerian Union of Journalists, Editors, Publishers, he is fighting his brothers from Mbaise Nation, and he is fighting even Government House Correspondents etc”

Barr Emperor Iwualla – Evil Minded & Wicked Media Aide
Emperor, former CPS To ex Deputy Governor of Imo state, Dr Ada Okwuonu has this to say,
“It is only a lying governor that can work with a lying media aide like Sam

Onwuemeodo. … that can retain the services of an evil-minded and wicked media aide like Sam Onwuemeodo … the Mbaise-born journalist needs his head to be re-examined”

This is the first in series of my response to my dear friend, Sam. I will sit and wait on the dance floor for Sam to return and surely, he will meet me here.

Ik Ogbonna, PGDJ, M.Sc, anipr
Principal Consultant,
KIT Cnsulting, (Media/PR Consultants)


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