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Pastor says I should leave my wife & go back to my ex

Dear Bukky,

I’m reaching out from Aba, Abia state. I got married four years ago and I and my wife got separated after seven months of marriage.

To be sincere, most of the fault came from me. She was pregnant at the time of our separation and that baby girl is now three years old.

I later got married to another woman last year December and she already has a son for me, too.

Early this year, I started having serious unrest in my spirit telling me that I am going against God’s plan for my life.

I met several pastors and they advised me to quit my second marriage and go back to my first wife.

The last pastor I met told me that if I continue with my second wife, things will not go well with me. He said that the devil will have free access to my life.

Now I’m about to end my second marriage but my first wife is not willing to come back to me.

I’m still begging her because she has not remarried but she has a serious date.

I need your advice on what to do.

Dear reader,

I find this a little confusing. So you are going to dump your wife for no reason just to go back to your ex-wife who you wrongly left few years back.

By your own admission, you messed up your first marriage with the things you did wrong and this appears to me as a repetition of your previous mistake. If your second wife has done you no wrong, why are you even thinking of leaving her?

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Secondly, your ex already has something great going for her. Why are you trying to ruin it?

My man, this is a woman you left four years ago. If she has finally found the courage to move on and someone who will take her as a single mum, please don’t stand in her way.

You asked for my advice. I say leave that woman alone and face your new marriage.

I would recommend you ask your first wife for forgiveness. Apologise  sincerely for all the things you know you did wrong. And move on with your life.

But then again, it is a spiritual thing and I won’t be the one to deviate you from your faith and what you believe in.

The ball is now squarely in your court, sir.
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