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One Good Turn They Say, Deserves Another

By Odimegwu Onwumere

I was in Umuako, Nsirimo, Umuahia, Abia State, to witness the planting to the soil, a 78yr old matriarch, who passed on.

The date was April 27 2019. I went to the burial, not in my appearance, due to the insecurity in the country. When the commercial bike I joined at Ubakala Junction dropped me at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in this town, the crowd was much. On sighting me, my host was ecstatic. Water was first given to me. Others is a story for another day.

Getting a bike back to the Ubakala Junction, was a tug of war. One came, and a woman, who should be in her 50s, secured it. As she was about leaving and got to where I stood, she asked me to join her. “Getting a bike here is not a tea party,” she friendly approached me. I couldn’t imagine sitting on that bike, but on a second thought, I obliged and we zoomed off.

I supposed the woman was a financially rich person. She showcased this when we got to a place where she asked the biker to veer, to enable her buy some items for her household.

When she finished buying, we got to Ubakala Junction, where we would get a vehicle to Aba. I took the position of the man I am and paid the biker, for her.

Our few discussions later, made me to understand, she is a lawyer and resides in Aba. She dressed very decent and I had presumed, she was a teacher. Good manners laced with virtue, were her signage.

At this junction, commuters were much. It was difficult to get a vehicle. When one finally came, there was beehive of rush, and I was able to secure a seat.

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But while I looked at the woman, I saw a woman who was almost exhausted. Then I asked her to take my seat while I wait. Wow! She lavished “God bless you on me” and the car zoomed off.

I waited for hours later, yet there was no vehicle in place. At this point, I conducted a supplication to the Four Cardinal Points to send me with a vehicle. Lo and behold, one state-of-the-art car was approaching, flashing its headlights. I least expected that such a car was for us, passengers. It later parked some metres away and commuters rushed. I walked up to it, not expecting anything. When the polished man driving the car, he should be in his late 60s, sent the front door glass low, a man who was not neatly dressed held the door to open it, the man thundered that he stopped for me and not for the guy he said was a street urchin. At this point, pressure was on him from the commuters to assist them. He made some persons he said looked like me, to enter. I was on front seat.

He sped off. The AC in this choice car, watered down the peril I had faced under the scorching sun. It was a ride. We finally got to Osisioma, Aba, from where I would be heading to Port Harcourt. We gave the man N300, each. We were four in number. I came down and while closing the door, I thanked him and he beamed smile, in his rich looking self. Now I remember the woman, wishing I could see her, to narrate this story to her. Well, I whispered to my Subconscious Mind, saying, One Good turn, deserves another.

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*Odimegwu Onwumere*
April 27 2019.

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