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Talkative: Need To Bridle The Tongue

Dr. Rachna Pande

Speech is a God given gift to mankind to communicate with one another and express their emotions. Due to superior brains, man has developed the skill of language to express oneself.

But this skill is often misused knowingly or unknowingly by man. Speech is used for communication and also for venting out anger, frustration, jealousy, depression.

This misuse of speech is harmful for both – the person speaking and the one listening.  Imagine a person shouts at his subordinate for some reason. This individual cannot retaliate but feels frustrated and angry. Coming home he vents out his anger on his wife or children or servants. Now they feel angry and frustrated and may either retort to crying.  The one who shouted also cannot remain peaceful after shouting at or abusing a person. He also feels agitated the whole day. Result is after reaching home, he may also shout at people at home to get rid of this agitated feeling. Thus a vicious cycle is set, where because of abuse of speech by one person, mental peace of so many individuals is lost.  Workplace becomes stressful if any person is caught in a situation like this only due to lose speech.

Now, in a reverse situation if the angry person happens to be a subordinate and gets angry with the boss, he may lose his chances of promotion or in extreme cases may lose his job. The subordinate may voice out his frustration by talking ill of his boss to someone. But after this, he always remains anxious lest the boss should find out this.

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At home, husband and wife may hurl unpleasant accusations and abuses at one another in a fit of anger. This leaves them both unhappy and also spoils the serene atmosphere of the house. Among close friends and relatives, a stray hurtful comment is made by someone and the relation is broken forever.  A political leader somewhere gives an inflammatory speech; riots erupt as a result destroying lives and property of hundreds of innocent people.

Unpleasant, hurtful   speech can break relations, jeopardize one’s career and even create wars.  It has a negative influence on physical health also. Any kind of speech causing mental tension or agitation induces release of adrenalin and other harmful chemicals in the body. This will augment pulse rate, blood pressure and blood sugar and can also precipitate heart attacks and cardiac arrest.  Hypertension,  peptic ulcer, bronchial asthma, e.t.c.,  so many diseases are caused and aggravated due to mental stress.

One who talks much unnecessarily, wastes time and energy which can be used more productively. The tongue is a small organ of the body but   can create so many problems in the world due to its action. Many people know what to speak but very few know what not to speak. Some persons talk without thinking, only to regret later.

Keeping guard over the tongue is also part of self discipline to maintain good physical and mental health. Maintaining silence also gives a person an opportunity for introspection and meditation. This helps him or her to improve on their faults and work with greater concentration.  Therefore one is asked to maintain silence in churches and temple.

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Adopting the policy of “silence is golden” is good for betterment of person   and even society. Therefore it is important that one speaks only when absolutely necessary, and only what is sweet and soothing. Discrete silence can be adopted instead of speaking a bitter truth.  Such an attitude will make the world a better place for all.

Dr. Rachna Pande contributed this piece via E-mail – rachna212002@yahoo.co.uk

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