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Refining And Shipping Industries Brace For New Fuel Regulations

Refining and Shipping Industries Brace for New Fuel Regulations that Could Raise Prices on Everything from Fuels to Consumer Goods — Even Cruise Ship Tickets IMO regulations will roil oil markets, creating market uncertainty, higher costs, new IHS Markit report says  HOUSTON (February 12, 2019) – The refining and shipping industries are ill-prepared for a […]


Know About Giddiness

By Rachna Pande The statement, “I am  feeling giddy”,  covers  a wide variety of abnormal sensations like spinning of head, black out, sense of falling down,” e.t.c. This condition is distressful for the sufferer and  is  associated with risk of injury. Faintness or dizziness is usually described as  light headedness by the person. It occurs […]


Outcomes Of Weight Loss Surgery Can Be Improved — Expert

Lower BMI before bariatric surgery predicts greater post-operative weight loss, a new study from the University of Eastern Finland finds. “Patients should definitely be encouraged to lose some weight already before their obesity surgery. This leads to a better weight management outcome in the future,” says Clinical Lecturer Pirjo Käkelä, Lic.Med., from the University of […]

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