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Where Is My Ball?

By Odimegwu Onwumere Brother Theodore returned from Cameroon that evening. My contemporaries and I were playing ball on the dusty entrance leading to the compound of our forebears otherwise called Ama. We were joyous to welcome our brother. We took his luggage and jumped on his tall body, ecstatic. He was tremendously happy. Brother Theodore […]


Polymer Banknotes Worse For Planet Than Paper — Research

New banknotes release 8.77kg of C02, almost THREE times more than previous paper notes 2.76kg C02 emissions released from new £5 notes alone New research reveals true environmental impact from various payment methods on the planet Polymer banknotes represent almost treble the greenhouse gas emissions than the paper notes they replaced, despite their longer lifespan […]


Kaspersky: The Dark Side Of Apps

Mobile device security threats are on the rise and it’s not hard to see why. In 2019 the number of worldwide mobile phone users is forecast (http://bit.ly/2Hga58i) to reach 4.68 billion of which 2.7 billion are smartphone users. So, if you are looking for a target, it certainly makes sense to go where the numbers are. Think […]


Equatorial Guinea Builds First West Africa’s LNG Storage, Regas Plant

Located at the Port of Akonikien, the landmark regasification plant will enable the storage, transportation and distribution of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the country’s mainland; 12 bullet tanks will carry 14,000 cubic meters of storage capacity, supported by a truck loading station and 12-kilometers of ten-inch gas and diesel pipelines; The project will be […]


How Absence Of Level-playing Ground Robs Youths Political Chance

Representation of youths in Nigerian democracy without a doubt still remains a tall dream and this affects their behavior towards political settings. ODIMEGWU ONWUMERE unearths that youths are sidelined in Nigerian democratic system by factors like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, unfavorable legal architectures, low economic conditions, different discriminatory practices, gender bias, ethnic sentiments, corruption, godfatherism and […]

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