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Category: Environment

Polymer Banknotes Worse For Planet Than Paper — Research

New banknotes release 8.77kg of C02, almost THREE times more than previous paper notes 2.76kg C02 emissions released from new £5 notes alone New research reveals true environmental impact from various payment methods on the planet Polymer banknotes represent almost treble the greenhouse gas emissions than the paper notes they replaced, despite their longer lifespan […]


UN Agonizes Over Unsustainable Pressure On Global Water Resources

Uses Unconventional Water Resources To Address Water Need The United Nations examines that if the global untenable anxiety on water resources across the world continues, poverty-stricken and marginalized populations will be excessively affected. Hence, the international body in its recent summit provides evidence of the need to adapt approaches, in both policy and practice, to […]


Niger Delta: UNDP Plants Over 54000 Trees, Protects Wildlife In $5.7m Programme To Improve Biodiversity Management

When the Niger Delta Biodiversity Conservation programme was launched by the UNDP in 2014, having Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers as principal states in the Niger Delta to enjoy the programme, little did many believe that the programme would earnestly help in protecting the region’s flora and fauna that were almost heading to extinction. […]


Niger Deltans Suffer Wrecking Disaster Of Indiscriminate Gas Flaring While Govt Maintains Lip Service

Nigerian authorities have had incessant failed policies outlawing flaring of gas in the Niger Delta region, the hub of Nigeria’s economy. The consequences of this are the health, human rights and environmental challenges the residents are suffering; and the culprits of these woes – multinational oil companies – do not pay the fines leveled against […]

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