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Before You Marry That Wo/man — By Odimegwu Onwumere

The lady from Akwa Ibom some years ago was a beauty to behold. Akwa Ibom State, no doubt, boasts of beautiful ladies.

I believed that I should know her beyond the beauty, beyond her calm dispositions, beyond her family name and sundry.

I was told that there is a deity in their village that hounds any man that marry a daughter of the village. This deity was instituted by the forebears of the people of which, the modern ones do not know that such a thing exist.

Immediately you marry their daughter, you cannot divorce her or scold her or do anything that will make her cry, else the deity will fight you. The deity can cause your death, ruin your business or even make you go mad.

When I got this info, the beauty vanished from my eyes. But the irony was that the lady in question was not in the-know of what was besetting her. She was from the so-called Christian home.

I think her dad or mother was a pastor. But I did not allow the family’s Christian background to becloud my sense of reason given that marriage is not canal like many people in the modern times think.

Marriage is beyond who has the highest university degrees, money and good manners. Marriage is beyond wedding and other frivolities that the modern wo/man sees as characteristics that should be considered before one gets married.

When you look at the problems bedeviling marriages these days, majority think that it is normal. No. It is not normal. It is not normal when a sizeable percentage of women give birth through C-S. Many are battling to conceive or have quality sp**m to impregnate their wives. Some are battling with irreconcilable issues. And you ask which issue in this world is irreconcilable. There is more to many things happening to wo/man in the modern times.

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Some would say that is it only in Africa that people battle spiritual matters when those in the West are making headway in technology and sciences. The truth is that those in the West are paying dearly for abandoning their natural ways of life but the few who understand their route and revere it are the only saved ones. The stories that come from that part of the world would attest to the fact that all are not well spiritually for those in the West no matter the developmental strides mankind thinks they are recording.

To cut this missive short, apart from the lady from Akwa Ibom, there are ladies and men from Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and so on that immediately you are married to them without clearing their spiritual path, you are bound to meet your Waterloo of different colours. It is high time wo/man knew him or herself.

Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet, Writer and Media Consultant based in Rivers State.


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