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Noise Pollution Detrimental To Health – By Rachna Pande

“Sudden very loud sounds can cause death at times. Whales are known to die because of excess sounds generated by machines inside the ocean.” Along with technological development, level of noise has increased in the world. Ringer tones of mobiles, sounds emanating from radio, television, computer printers, loud speakers, music systems, traffic, sounds of construction […]


Greenpeace Africa Urges Halcyon Agri To Stop Destroying Livelihood & Biodiversity In Cameroon

YAOUNDE, Cameroon, July 25, 2018/ — Greenpeace Africa (www.Greenpeace.org/africa) has today published a report explaining how Singaporean based Halycon Agri and her Cameroonian subsidiary- Sudcam operate a sordid rubber plantation business in Cameroon. The report ‘Halcyon Agri’s Ruinous Rubber’ (https://goo.gl/qojPxK) exposes the threats of Sudcam’s operations to the ecosystem and local and indigenous communities in […]

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