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Before The Fulani Take The Killings Across The Country — By Odimegwu Onwumere

When the rapacious colonial imperialists from Britain came and left Nigeria with the relics of her bastardised cultures and traditions, their successors who are Nigerians helped in pummeling the relics.

They made the aboriginal spiritualities a taboo for the exaltation of the Middle-East religions of Christianity and Islam.

The constitution recognises these two religions and anyone found practising the aboriginal spiritualities is labelled a witch, Satan, fetish and other derogatory names suffixed to the person.

Conversely, the Traditionalists have never staged a protest or war against humanity or any of these religious groups, rather the obverse is the case.

Yes, Nigeria continues to wallow in crass reverence of westernisation of our cultures and traditions, hence killings are no longer taken as a sacrilege but an act of bravery. Hooey!

But while the constitution-recognised-religions continue to throw Nigeria into disarray, the Christians especially those in ala-Igbo vowed not to allow the Traditionalists to rest by incessantly desecrating what the Traditionalists held dear. This attitude is like the aged long hatred that exists between the Fulanis in the Middle-Belt and their host communities.

The difference is that while the Christians desecrate the Traditionalists’ holy and sacred places, the later do not throw tantrums like the Fulani would do to any in the Middle-Belt that tampers with their cows.

However, if the Traditionalists complain, you hear Christians saying, “You are worshipping a dead God. If he is alive, he should fight his battle.”

While they churlish the ego of Traditionalists, we have seen churches and lives of Christians damaged before our very eyes and instead of allowing their “living God” to fight their battle, as they would tell Traditionalists when they attacked them, they would rather stage protests and appeal for help from all quarters of this world.

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No one would say that what is going on in this country is Karma paying back, but it behooves all and sundry to note that not everyone in the North is a Christian or Muslim, not everyone in the South is a Christian or Muslim. Since these religions seem to be above the constitution of Nigeria, many people in the country are neither Muslims nor Christians and they are a very peaceful people.

You should stop judging people by religious polarities. Please, not everyone in the ocean is swimming or bathing. Some are drowning and the intuition to dictate the difference is clairvoyance.

Odimegwu Onwumere is a Poet, Writer and Media Consultant based in Rivers State.


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